die Mikrostreifenleitung ist oft die Störquelle für die meisten
=E2=80=9EDreckeffekte=E2=80=9C einer Mikrowellenschaltung.
HHF bietet neben den eigenen Produkten auch Dienstleistungstätigkeiten

GHz-Design an.
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können Sie entnehmen welche speziellen neuartigen Leitungen wir u.a. in
unser Repertoire haben.
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Holger Heuermann
A few of the other HHF-products
8GHz-VNA-Cal.-Kit:* This economic calibration kit for
SMA-female-connectors from HHF supports broadband VNA-measurements of
microwave devices up to 8 GHz, which is achieved with three SMA-components
for the four calibration measurements short (S), open (O), load (L) and
thru (T). This EcoCal calibration-kit is delivering outstanding results in
many departments and laboratories for a long time already.
Price: 69 EUR
Vector Network Analyzer Modules*: These TX- and RX-modules build an one-
or multi-port (n-port, n =3D 1, 2, 3, =E2=80=A6) Vector Network Analyzers (VNA)
measurements between 1200 and 4400 MHz. This high-end hardware supports
differential measurements and the separation between transmitter and
receiver units over a longer distance, can work with different temperature
conditions between TX and RX and will offer in the next future much more
features (dynamic, bandwidth, lower power consumption, non-linear
Power Amplifier Module: *The 2.45 GHz 200W power amplifier module includes
a power isolator with large resistors for continuous working under
mismatched conditions. Additional this module needs only 6dBm at the input
and offers best matching values at the in- and output. Price:
1990 EUR
Broadband Conical Monopole antenna BCM40: *The low-loss antenna BCM40 has
a monopole antenna characteristic over an ultra broad frequency band
(1.2-40GHz). This antenna covers all major frequency bands, ideal for
surveillance applications with a very robust casing and design. The BCM40
antenna is manufactured precisely, offers good matching and an antenna gain
of ca. 0 dBi. The robust casing enables indoor and outdoor use even under
moist conditions. Price: 2990 EUR
EMC Source SG-CG2 *This 1GHz to 40GHz broadband source were developed for
quick microwave receiving equipment tests under various conditions. Quick
and simple usage was one of the primary design goals. The SG-CG2
transmitters generate a crystal referenced fundamental frequency of 1.00
GHz and harmonics up to 40 GHz and beyond. The generated frequency comb is
then radiated by an internal wideband microwave antenna with an antenna
gain of 0 dBi.
Noise Generator (netNoise) *This new 300Hz to 100MHz noise source
generates a noise power of over 40W and transmits this direct in the 220V
power network.
The* netNoise* generator includes different PA-chains and multiplexers to
support the high relative bandwidth. This plug and play generator supports
advanced EMC-tests for your instruments, tests for power networks (blower/
radiation tests), as well as the suppression of power line communication
in internal power networks.
Broadband Coaxial Probe (T-Probe): *The *T-Probe* is perfectly suitable
for broadband (DC to 4GHz) signal coupling up to 200W. The *T-Probes
replace large couplers. This probe is a passive bi-directional broadband
resistive coupling network in coaxial technique. The low insertion loss is
comparable to the more complicated sensitive couplers. This probe detects
the voltage of the inner conductor of the coaxial transmission line. It can
be used for wave-detection in combination with a matched termination,
isolator or circulator.
PIM-tester (Vector-PIM): *Vector-PIM allows you to perform calibrated
complex PIM measurements. This instrument supports accurate PIM
localisation of IM-sources, and exact modeling of IM-defects. The system is
based on *NonLin-IM *and PIM-tester from Rosenberger*. *The software
manages this calibration, the error correction, and supports various
PIM-tests as well as different frequency, power and time sweeps.
ECL-based Comb/ Pulse Generator Module (PulsGen-M) *This new comb/ pulse
generator module generates 100ps pulses with a jitter of only 20ps.
PulsGen-M* is based on
ECL-technology and can be driven by any low power instrument. The
combination of arbitrary waveform generators and any high-speed D/D- or
D/A-converter with the *PulsGen-M* enables the production of any IQ-signal
in the GHz-range. Much more applications are now possible with additional
HHF offers a wide range of other RF standard as well as customer specified
products, available on the website *www.hhft.de
on request.
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